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bkleber's Journal

Clay Bird
20 December
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At this point in time I am a physicist and engineer working for a large tech contractor in the Baltimore/DC area. I try to make it to visit all of my friends who live near me whenever possible, but since we all have insane schedules, it doens't end up happening nearly as often as I'd like :-(

When I'm not visiting friends, I try to keep my hands busy on the weekends making beautiful things. I have a business, Clay Bird Jewelry, where I make sterling silver jewelry and leather/suede chokers, collars and bondage gear. I also do a bunch of my own home improvement projects, and sometimes help out friends with the same. I'm often tinkering with my hobbies: studio glassblowing, Arduino programming, Eggbot projects, carpentry, home improvement, and any of over a dozen instruments that I'm always trying to play more often.

Also to keep myself busy I go rock climbing thrice a week, swing / lindy or blues dancing whenever possible, read, and talk with my friends.

I am blessed with an unbelievable amount of love in my life. My friends are my family, and I spend as much time with them all as is possible.

I teach and tutor when I can or when I'm asked. I learn as often as I hear something new, and I strive to remember it all though it really doesn't happen. I LOVE to build, to listen to friends talk, to listen to beautiful music (and sometimes those last two can be the same) and I help whenever I can. And on a really good day, I can bring dreams a little more within reach.
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